Important Class Information

You will not receive a refund for classes with fees. We use the monies that we collect for these classes to pay the costs incurred for the offering. Your payment has been spent on reservations, admissions, materials, etc. Thus, you will not get it back. Contact the coordinator to find out if there is a replacement list. Do that first. The names on that list receive first priority. If no one is on that list, you may sell your seat to someone else, even a non-member.

If you require special accommodations to participate in the programs offered by CVLR, please contact the class coordinator as soon as possible, and he/she will attempt to meet your needs.


Please Note…

The views expressed in CVLR classes do not necessarily reflect the views of the CVLR board or members. Our presenters volunteer to educate others about various issues. People attending these classes can question and debate the information provided and make their own decisions as to what they do with the information. Our goal is to have a healthy exchange of ideas that maintains civility and respect for others.


If You Have a Question on a Class or Trip

To register or ask about availability for a class or trip, contact Elizabeth Fischer at Coordinators do not know answers regarding if a class has openings or not. If you have a question about a trip or class after you have registered, contact the coordinator. You will find the coordinator’s name in the class or trip listing. All coordinators’ e-mails are listed below.
Amy Alpine
Kathy Campbell
Pat Eggert
Kathie Fahrman
Sally Felling
Elizabeth Fischer
Marilyn Hagen
Holly Hart
Marilyn Hempel
Margy Hagaman
Mike Hilger
Howard Lee
LuAnn LIvingston
Claudeen Oebser
Mark Quilling
Joyce Robbins
Elizabeth Spader
Chris Smith casmith
Jim Urness