In-person Registration Is Wednesday, August 23

In-person registration is Wednesday, August 23, at the Rassbach Museum in Menomonie and The Florian Gardens in Eau Claire.


Two Important Announcements

After handling and returning checks to sixty-nine members who mailed in their registrations last spring, I came up with a new way to address the situation where you will not write unnecessary checks and I will not process them. Notice in this fall’s mail-in form, you may not sign up for classes with fees or limits. Instead, on August 24 I will email you what is available in those classes after in-person registration. You can contact me to reserve your seat in the ones that are open which you want. Once I confirm your seat, send me your check if a fee is required.

Last spring we could have filled three sections for the Tiffany Train Ride so we brought it back this fall. If you rode it last spring, please do not sign up for the fall ride until those who didn’t get a ride last spring sign up.

See you at class,

Steps to Register for Fall Classes and Trips

1. Renew your membership. Everyone’s membership has expired.

2. Complete the membership form for your renewal. Let us know any address, e-mail, or phone changes. Print out additional copies at the How to Become a Member page on this site.. Send your renewal at least a week in advance or bring it with you to registration and process it there.

3. Receive a new membership card. You will keep your current membership number. Find it on the mailing label of your pink fall booklet

4. Register in person Wednesday, August 23. You may also register for one other person. Use that person’s membership number and name when registering for him or her.

5. Attend in-person registration if at all possible. Since we operate on volunteer effort, your participation at in-person registration takes pressure off our volunteers. If you absolutely cannot attend, then mail in your registration. In-person and mail-in are the two ways to register In-person registrations get priority over mail-in registrations.

6. Write a separate check for each class or trip before in-person registration. Having your check ready will speed up the process.