In-person Registration February 28!

Due to the storm this week, in-person registration has been moved to Tuesday, February 28, same time, same places.


The Excellence Continues

Last fall CVLR members were raving about the line-up our coordinators had put together. This spring coordinators have continued that excellence, putting forth an interesting array of offerings. From new ones including a mock court trial, honor flights, and tours of the new Children’s Museum and Chippewa Area History Center to past ones being repeated such as the Tiffany Bottoms Train Ride, ecWIT Failure Is Impossible, and Swedish Weaving to the regular ones we always look forward to attending, you have seventy-one offerings to experience this Spring/Summer 2023 term.

Thank you for showing your appreciation to CVLR coordinators who, out of the goodness of their hearts, volunteer to assemble these classes for us to enjoy.

See you at class,

Steps to Register for Spring/Summer Classes and Trips

1. Do not renew your membership if you renewed it last fall. If you need to renew it, check out pages 28-29 in the booklet or the How to Become a Member page.

2. Select the classes and trips that you want and list them in order of priority.

3. Attend in-person registration in particular to sign up for trips, classes with fees, and any classes that have limits.

4. Write a separate check for each class with a fee or trip for mail-in registration and before attending in-person registration.  Having your check ready speeds up the process at in-person.

5. Split your sign up for trips and classes with fees with another CVLR member at in-person registration. That way you are both more likely to get the offerings you want. Use that person’s membership number and name when registering for him or her.

6. Print out and review the layout of registration to determine your course of action at in-person registration.

7. Register in person Tuesday, February 28.

8. Mail your registration as soon as possible. If you don’t attend in-person registration, mail your registration early. After in-person registration is complete, mail-in’s priority is assigned by date received.