Access the layout for Menomonie registration here

Access the layout for Eau Claire registration here

Steps to Register for Fall Classes and Trips

1. Renew your membership. Everyone’s membership has expired.

2. Complete the membership form for your renewal. Let us know any address, e-mail, or phone changes. Go to and print out additional copies. Send your renewal at least a week in advance orbring it with you to registration and process it there.

3. Receive a new membership card. You will keep your current membership number. Find it on the mailing label of your pink fall booklet

4. Register in person Wednesday, August 24. You may also register for one other person. Use that person’s membership number and name
when registering for him or her.

5. Attend in-person registration if at all possible. Since we operate on volunteer effort, your participation at in-person registration takes pressure off our volunteers. If you absolutely cannot attend, then mail in your registration. In-person and mail-in are the two ways to register.In-person registrations get priority over mail-in registrations.

6. Write a separate check for each class or trip before in-person registration. Having your check ready will speed up the process.


Before You Get to Registration

Since everyone needs to renew their memberships this fall, either send in your membership renewal at least a week before registration to Elizabeth whose address is on the membership renewal form or come early to registration. Membership opens at 9:00 a.m. at both locations.

Before registration, select your classes and list them in order of priority for you.

Have your checks for any classes or trips with fees ready when you walk into registration. Put the class/trip number and your member number on the check. If you do not get into an offering, hold onto your check for it. If the other city’s sign-up doesn’t fill, we will contact you later that day or the next to let you know that we have space for you to take the class or trip. Then you can use your check.

Access the map. We have planned where the sign-up sheets for each offering will be placed and created a map showing the location of each. You can access these maps at the top of this page.  Click on the map for the location at which you plan to register and print it out. Use it to know where your priority classes/trips are located and plan your sign-up at registration. We will also have them available at the door at registration.


Procedure at In-person Registration August 24

The doors open at 9:00. If you arrive before that time, wait in your car. The doors will be locked. Once you are in the building, get in line for admission to the registration tables. If you have difficulty standing, we have a place for you to sit and will hold your place in line. Just ask.

We will be letting members into the room to stand in line at the table for their top priority class/trip at 9:30 a.m. If you think the line for your number one selection is too long and you don’t think you can get into the class/trip, go to the second one on your list. As soon as everyone has lined up in an orderly fashion, we will start sign up, anywhere between 9:30 and 9:45. Do not start sign up until those manning the sign-up sheets in front of you say that you may do so. Registration ends at 10:30 a.m.

Important Information about Classes with Limits

Register at either the Menomonie or Eau Claire in-person registration location for the entire line-up of classes and trips. Split the classes/trips with limits with a buddy who also wants to attend them. You get in one line, and your buddy gets in the other. Then you sign up for each other.

Remember classes with limits are split half to Menomonie and half to Eau Claire. For example, if a class has a limit of 30, 15 sign-ups will be available at in-person registration in Menomonie and 15 will be available in Eau Claire. Plan your sign-up accordingly.

At Registration, Please,,,

We request that you only sign up for classes you know you will attend. If others interest you and you find later that you have the time to attend, watch for “These classes next week have openings” e-mail. Inflated class sizes prompt us to make preparations to accommodate more. If the class has a limit and you do not show up, you have taken the spot of someone else who really wanted to take the class.

If You Cannot Attend In-person Registration

If you do not feel comfortable attending in-person registration but want to take a trip or a class with a fee, mail in your registration and include a separate check for each class/trip. We will add these to the sign-up sheets after in-person and let you know if you got in. Mail your registration as soon as possible because after in-person we give priority by date of arrival.