We Are Busy Preparing for the Spring/Summer 2019 Term

We are busy finalizing the offerings and assembling and printing the materials for the Spring/Summer 2019 term.  If you wish to join or renew your membership in Chippewa Valley Learning in Retirement, go to the How to Become a Member page, print out the membership form for Spring/Summer 2019, complete it, and send it along with your $20 membership fee for Spring/Summer 2019 to Elizabeth Fischer, Member Services.  Her address is in the middle of the membership form.

Below are the dates for the release of materials for Spring/Summer 2019.

  • The booklet for Spring/Summer 2019 will be mailed to members February 6.
  • This site has the Spring/Summer 2019 schedule on it as of February 11.  (Until then it has the Fall 2018 schedule.)  As of that date you will find downloadable copies of the entire booklet and the calendar on both the Menomonie and Eau Claire Schedule pages.
  • Registration for Spring/Summer 2019 is Wednesday, February 27, at both the Menomonie and Eau Claire locations.  Look at the How to Register page for more information.
  • If you cannot attend in-person registration, the other way to register is by mail.  See the How to Register page for more information.