Welcome Back to CVLR In-person Classes!

We are excited to welcome you back to in-person CVLR classes!  I hope that we can stay safe and hold them.  With the Delta variant threatening, we will follow the venue guidelines which are based on CDC and public health recommendations.  While most of the classes this fall are in-person, we also have a few via Zoom.  Be sure to check the location of each class carefully.  Zoom classes are noted in bold on the calendar.

We are tapping into the additional opportunities Zoom offers.  We plan to simulcast and record some lecture classes via Zoom this fall so that if you miss them for whatever reason, you can watch them either online at the time of the class or later.  As we go through the term, we will let you know which classes are included.  We can also bring experts from around the world to talk to us via Zoom such as Dr. Alan Titus, the paleontologist who will share his work with us in class 40.  If the weather is inclement, rather than try to reschedule lecture classes we will hold them via Zoom.

Realize that our focus is still in-person classes.  However, we have learned from the pandemic to be flexible.  Our first concern is always your safety.  That is why we are waiting until spring for in-person registration and trips.  As we step into our new normal, please take time to thank our wonderful volunteer coordinators for this fall’s line-up of sixty-five interesting classes.

Elizabeth K. Fischer


Steps to Register for Classes

1Renew your membership.  Everyone’s membership has expired.

2.  Complete the membership form for your renewal.  Let us know
any address, e-mail, or phone changes.  Use the back-to-back forms
on pages 27 and 28.  Go to cvlr.org and print out additional copies, if

3.  Receive a new membership card.  You will keep your current
membership number.  Find it on the mailing label of this booklet.

4.  Complete your registration form.  Use one for each member.

5.  Write a separate check for each class with a fee.  

6.  Send your membership form, check for renewal, registration form,
and separate checks for each class with a fee together in one envelope.

7.  Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope to receive your new
membership card.

8.  Do all of this quickly if you want to take a class with limits.