A Strong Fall Line-up

The wide variety of interesting classes, tours, and trips our group of coordinators come up with every term never ceases to amaze me. Once again, this fall’s lineup is very strong. The adaptations we made for signing up at registration, providing extra sessions, and using larger venues when appropriate have given more members the opportunity to attend classes. Increasingly, members are giving us suggestions and stepping forward to present classes. Their fresh ideas add another layer to the successful recipe we have developed. If you have ideas for programs or want to help coordinate classes, please contact me or another board member.

Sharon R. Lowry

The registration packet for Fall 2017 is available.  Click on the Schedule pages for Menomonie and Eau Claire to learn the details of the offerings.

You may print the entire packet, the calendar, the membership form, and the mail-in registration form from this site.

Find the entire registration packet and the calendar on the Schedule pages, the mail-in form on the How to Register page, and the membership form on the  How to Become a Member page.

In-person registration is Thursday, August 24, at Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie and 29 Pines Conference Center in Eau Claire.  See the How to Register page for time details.  You may register by mail before or after that date, too.

Here Are the Steps to Register for Fall Classes and Trips

1. Renew your membership. Everyone’s membership has expired.

2. Complete the membership form for your renewal. Let us know any address, e-mail, or phone changes. Print out additional copies at this site from the How to Become a Member page. Send your renewal at least a week in advance or bring it with you to registration and process it there.

3. Receive a new membership card. You will keep your current membership number. Find it on the mailing label of your pink fall booklet

4. Register in person Thursday, August 24. You may also register for one other person. Use that person’s membership number and name when registering for him or her.

5. Attend in-person registration if at all possible. Since we operate on volunteer effort, your participation at in-person registration takes pressure off our volunteers. If you absolutely cannot attend, then mail in your registration. In-person and mail-in are the two ways to register.In-person registrations get priority over mail-in registrations.  If you want a class or trips with limits, ask another member to sign up for you at in-person registration.

6. Write a separate check for each class or trip before in-person registration. Having your check ready will speed up the process.