83 Interesting Offerings

Many of the classes this term feature CVLR members sharing their interesting experiences and trips to fascinating places. Since this is the one-hundred-year anniversary of the end of World War I, several coordinators in Eau Claire have assembled classes with a World War I theme. We appreciate the effort that all our presenters and coordinators put into making classes available to our members. Their fresh ideas add another layer to the successful recipe we have developed. If you have ideas for programs or want to help coordinate classes, please contact me or another board member.

Sharon R. Lowry

  • The booklet for Spring/Summer 2018 was mailed to members January 31.
  • This site now has the Spring/Summer 2018 schedule on it.  You can find downloadable copies of the entire booklet and the calendar on both the Menomonie and Eau Claire Schedule pages.
  • Registration for Spring/Summer 2018 is Thursday, February 22, at both the Menomonie and Eau Claire locations.  Look at the How to Register page for more information.
  • If you cannot attend in-person registration, the other way to register is by mail.  See the How to Register page for more information.


Steps to Register for Spring/Summer Classes and Trips

1. Do not renew your membership if you renewed it last fall.

2. Select the classes and trips that you want and list them in order of priority.

3. Write a separate check for each class or trip before in-person registration. Having your check ready will speed up the process.

4. Split your sign up for classes and trips witih limits with another CVLR member. That way you are both more likely to get the offerings you want.

5. Print out and review the layout of registration to determine your course of action at registration.

6. Register in person Thursday, February 22. You may also register for one other person. Use that person’s membership number and name when registering for him or her.

7. Attend in-person registration if at all possible. Since we operate on volunteer effort, your participation at in-person registration takes pressure off our volunteers. If you absolutely cannot attend, then mail in your registration. In-person and mail-in are the ONLY two ways to register. In-person registrations get priority over mail-in registrations.