COVID 19 Update

Out of concern to keep you, our coordinators, and our presenters safe from COVID-19, the CVLR Board has voted to cancel the classes that have not been held for the 2020 Spring/Summer term.

Since we do not know what will happen in the upcoming months, we have also voted not to hold a 2020 Fall term.  We don’t know if the venues we use will be open nor how many people would be allowed in them.  We also don’t know when we could get the information about their being available.  We don’t know what will happen with the virus.  Will there be another wave in the fall?  We are still cleaning up this term.  That takes a great deal of time and effort.  It also negates all the effort our coordinators put into assembling the term.  Instead of having to close down another term, we chose not to hold it.  Thus, our next term will be the 2021 Spring/Summer.

All 2020 Spring/Summer memberships will be applied to the 2021 Spring/Summer term.  We will not renew memberships until Fall 2021.  All fees for classes and trips for the 2020 Spring/Summer term will be refunded.  Please bear with us as we get this completed.

Thank you for your continued participation in CVLR.  Stay safe and well.

Sharon Lowry