We Are Currently Between Terms.

We have completed the Fall 2021 term and are preparing the Spring/Summer 2022 term.  The classes you see listed on the site are from the Fall 2021 term.  They give you an idea of the type of classes we offer.  In the Spring/Summer 2022 term we will also offer bus trips again.  Watch for your pink booklet of the Spring/Summer 2022 offerings the first week in February.  This site will be updated with those listings by Monday, February 7, 2022.

If you wish to become a member of Chippewa Valley Learning in Retirement, you may join at any time for the Spring/Summer 2022 term.  Go to the How to Become a Member page, print out the form, follow the instructions to fill it out, and send it in to me at the address on the form.  If you wish to be on the mailing list and not join at this time, send your mailing address to me via the contact form.  Be sure to send your mailing address; we do not email the booklet.

Thank you for your interest in CVLR!

Elizabeth K. Fischer