Fall’s Kaleidoscope of Swirling Thoughts

Each term when you receive your pink registration packet, you see the final line-up of offerings all neatly laid out chronologically. However, you have no idea how all this came about. In May all coordinators met to kick off planning for the fall and learn how better to work together to meet our mission goals. Early in June the two area program committees held brainstorming sessions to discuss ideas for classes. We strove to cover as many popular topics as possible without repetition. The calendar presented another challenge. Tension built as coordinators juggled the presenters’ schedules, the venues’ calendars, and the CVLR openings to nail down the slots for their classes. The final steps involved the very detailed endeavor of writing/editing class descriptions along with the rest of the packet. Through this process, a kaleidoscope of swirling thoughts has been forged into an organized line-up of captivating programs for you to enjoy!

Sharon R. Lowry

Dates for Fall 2019 Registration


  • The booklet for Fall 2019 was mailed to members July 31.
  • This site now has the entire fall schedule on it.
  • Registration for Fall 2019 is Wednesday, August 21, at both the Menomonie and Eau Claire locations.  Look at the How to Register page for more information.
  • If you cannot attend in-person registration, the other way to register is by mail.  See the How to Register page for more information.


Steps to Register for Fall Classes and Trips

1. Renew your membership. Everyone’s membership has expired.

2. Complete the membership form for your renewal. Let us know any address, e-mail, or phone changes. Go to cvlr.org and print out additional copies. Send your renewal at least a week in advance or bring it with you to registration and process it there.

3. Receive a new membership card. You will keep your current membership number. Find it on the mailing label of your pink fall booklet

4. Register in person Wednesday, August 21. You may also register for one other person. Use that person’s membership number and name when registering for him or her.

5. Attend in-person registration if at all possible. Since we operate on volunteer effort, your participation at in-person registration takes pressure off our volunteers. If you absolutely cannot attend, then mail in your registration. In-person and mail-in are the two ways to register.In-person registrations get priority over mail-in registrations.

6. Write a separate check for each class or trip before in-person registration. Having your check ready will speed up the process.